Earn as you shop & dine or every time you're online!
Let yourself more!
as a cashback but mch better!
Let yourself more!
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Everyday we spend time online and make purchases.
So why not to get paid for it?
Get back up to 40% with Likecoins from every purchase as a cashback
Make daily online actions, invite friends and earn Likecoins
Receive exclusive offers from your favorite brands only with Likeonic

You can receive Likecoins (LCO) for each purchase or social-media activity of our partners, and for inviting your friends to join.

The digital coins are safely kept on your account without expiration!

You can pay up to 100% of your purchase with LCO for services and goods of our partners!

Café, bars and restaurants
Malls and grocery stores
Clothes, cosmetics and accessories shops
Entertainment and kid's centers
Electronics and home appliance shops
Hotels and travelling agencies
Café, bars and restaurants
Malls and grocery stores
Clothes, cosmetics and accessories shops
Entertainment and kid's centers
Electronics and home appliance shops
Hotels and travelling agencies
Various places in your city are partnering up with us and accept LCO as a way of payment as well as provide special deals.

Make purchases, put likes and write comments, invite friends to receive LCO
Visit the partner places and pay up to 100% with LCO for services & goods
Get up to 40% for every purchase in LCO back

Likeonic pleasantly surprised! Honestly, firstly I didn't trust the service cause of free registration and high cashback, but after a week of use I realised that everything was much better than I expected! Averagely speaking, with every purchase I return up to 15% back in Likecoins. I always spend them right away so I can't save any :)
I really like that you can get Likecoins not only for purchases, but also for completing simple online tasks. This gives me an opportunity to get enough Likecoins before I go and buy anything.
There is a flaw in the fact that sometimes it is necessary to remind employees in partner's places about Likeonic - usually they forgot about it. I would also like to see more clothing stores and boutiques. As to the advantages - a fairly large cashback and extra income.

What is Likecoin?
Likecoin (LCO) is a digital loyalty currency that you receive as a cashback for purchases and completing tasks and for participating in the referral program. Likecoins are credited to your personal account where they are securely stored in the system without any expiration date and can be used the next time you pay in a partner store or save them for larger purchases.

Likecoin exchange rate is always stable: 1 LCO is 1 EUR
How to receive Likecoins?
Make purchases at Likeonic partner's stores (and receive cashback)

Example: Shop A is ready to return 5% of the purchase price in Likecoins. You make a purchase for 100 euro using Likeonic and get 5 Likecoins in your account.

Complete online actions from partner's brands

Store B is ready to give 1 Likecoin for subscription to its Instagram. You subscribe and receive 1 Likecoin.

Participate in a referral program

Your friend has registered at Likeonic from the link you have sent.

When he or she spends 30 EUR at partner places, by using Likeonic you both receive 1 Likecoin (LCO) as a bonus.

For example:

Your friend made a purchase with an amount 100 euros at partner place and received a cashback of 10%.

Your friend gets 10 Likecoins (LCO)

You earn 1 LCO
How to use Likecoins?
  1. Visit partner places. Ask to use Likeonic once you received a bill
  2. Provide your phone number or show a QR-code linked to your account to sales staff
  3. Confirm the total amount on the bill and enter the 4-digit PIN code to use Likecoins
  4. Pay with Likecoins in whole or in part, paying the remaining part with a credit card or cash
  5. Get up to 40% of your payment back in Likecoins (as a cashback)

Invite your friend through a referral link and you both will receive 1 LCO (1 EUR) for free when a friend spends more than 30 EUR in partner places!
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